Moderation in Moderation


One of my favorite podcasts is Oprah's "SuperSoul Conversations".  In a recent episode Oprah takes us back to a conversation with the late Dr. Maya Angelou.  I was laughing so hard as Dr. Angelou answers Oprah when she asks her what she thinks of the age 85. "Oh my goodness, do it if you can... if you have the choice choose the 80's."  I just loved it! She explains that if you are lucky enough and choose everything in moderation, actually moderation in moderation, choose the 80's. "Don't get to much moderation," Dr. Angelou says. I am a huge believer in moderation. Hence the above impromptu donut purchase for dessert at Blue Star in Manhattan Beach. Oh, and let's not forget Valentine's Day?! Chocolate anyone? Moderation in moderation is the way to go.