It's Spring Already?

Listen. Here's the thing. There is no other time during the year when you lose an hour. So if you are happy the sky is nice and bright at 6p and your rolling around summer vacation possibilities but you still can't shake the feeling something isn't right your NOT alone. 

There is all kinds of research that says the time change is archaic. I don't need the research. I can feel it. But for now there isn't a whole lot I can do about it. Here are the things I choose to focus on.

1.) Meet ups. Spring is full of growth and it can leave you feeling like you need a change. Maybe a new hobby. Maybe a new job. Either way meeting up with colleagues and friends that are in similar areas of life (for me that would be in a relationship starting a family) and just throwing around your thoughts can lead to some great take aways. Relaying thoughts with those who understand you can lead to new questions or solid answers. It helps me choose a direction for my path. An idea or thought that I can follow, focus on, and develop. I can set intentions and see where it leads me.

2.) My garden. You might have a green thumb or like me you might kill almost everything in sight. I still choose to clean up the yard and plant something new. I add a few succulentsin the living room and a little pot with my favorite herb (basil!) in the kitchen. Growth feels good.

3.) Sleep. I know some of you can't nap. Sometimes you can't even fall asleep early even if you are incredibly tired. But TRY. Even if it is just getting in bed 30 minutes early, do it. Let you brain unwind. Put the phone away and really allow your body and mind settle in for the evening. If you can nap or go to bed early then make it happen. This is a time where the loss of an hour can really drain you and allowing your body to catch up is incredibly beneficial.  

When all is said and done spring is truly a beautiful time. Create space to enjoy it!