Pilates Is For Life, Not Just January.

Pilates Plank on Reformer

How are those resolutions going? As a mom, wife, and business owner I haven't accomplished even the smallest of resolutions in over a decade. I try. Boy do I try. However, at the end of the day all of my "wants" fall to the wayside and I am happy if I can get dinner ready in time for my two year old, keep food in the fridge, insulin in my dog etc.  I know everyone out there must feel the same way even if your life doesn't have the same layout as mine. 

Realizing that if I don't create a pattern or some how make it part of my routine any new resolution isn't going to happen. Sure, I might get to the gym once a month but why not just grab ice-cream at that point. Am I right? So this year if you start to feel like the resolution list is weighing you down just pick one item from the list and put it into your routine. Make a path for it. Then stick to it. In a few months (or more likely next year) choose another item and make room.  This way you don't continue to feel defeated by a simple mental list you created before toasting the night away with champagne. You can feel accomplished.