Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I thank my lucky stars for this place. My husband and I finally got away for the first time since T was born - a year and a half ago! Cabo is such an easy direct flight with only an hour difference once you have landed. I missed her but made every second count. As you know I LOVE travel and many of my favorite memories are out and about while traveling the world. From Hilton Head Island, GA (my fav in the US) to Seminyak, Bali (my international fav) I absolutely cannot get enough travel in each year. Now with baby the time set aside for traveling has become even less. However, the sparks flew as I landed in Cabo thinking this should be my next planned retreat.  When your there you must try:

- The Sand Bar - 1 hour massage for $30

- Attitude Restaurant Bar - Drinks on Swings

- Edith's Restaurant - Wonderful ambiance and amazing desserts

 - El Farallon - The Resort at Pedgral (Restaurant built in the rocks!!)

- Water Taxi through the Marina Cabo San Lucas at sunset