Family Reunion in Pine Mountain, GA

I think as we get older we are drawn back to our family. Living in Los Angeles the last 17 years I haven't always felt this way. Sometimes life was busy and time flew buy and there wasn't a need to book a flight home to see family. Of course, and as most people will tell you, once you lose a family member or have kids of your own, there is a pull from deep within to spend time with loved ones. This month we spent time with my husbands side of the family in a few cabins in Pine Mountain, GA. His family (5 sisters and mother) tend to spend most of the time around the kitchen cooking, eating, drinking and telling stories. However, with many of us now having little ones we made a few plans to day trip to the local safari and Butterfly Day Center at Callaway Gardens.  This time we shared and the memories made is just what the heart wanted.