Tis' the Season for Gifts

As usual the holidays are flying by! Before you know it the old trees will be out on the sidewalk, lights will be coming down, and you will be looking at your resolution list realizing you have the same three things listed from last year. The hardest part is remembering shipping times, delivery delays, and gift ideas to get your list completed on time.  Here are my top 3 go to gifts:

1.) Tickets to a play or performance: Last year we took my mother-in-law to see The Nutcracker (pictured above) at The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. I love this gift for two reasons. One, I always by a ticket to go with ;-) and two.. this makes for a great night of memories. Check your local cities for Performing Arts Centers or small Playhouses. Usually tickets are much less than a larger show but the talent is just as good.

2.) T-shirts: There are a few shops online that offer awesome gift t-shirts.  This gift is great for my staff at the Pilates studio, my sister, or brothers girlfriends. Check out Sweet Ts Design Shoppe, Super Love Tees, or Splendid (for plain t's).

3.) Grocery gift cards:  Trader Joe's, Whole Foods Market, or Bristol Farms attached to that stores re-usable shopping bag. See last years little package for Trader Joe's below.