Monday, February 6, 2012

Be Happy

It's the last 10 minutes of The Bachelor, and I just couldn't bare it.  I can't stand watching reality shows because I cry over every single thing.  Tears for huge make overs on small houses, the idol that is trying out to make his cancer ridden mother happy,  Justin Bieber donating 100k to a school in Las Vegas on the Ellen Show.  Okay, Ellen isn't even reality and I am tearing up. I just can't handle it.  I haven't seen any of this season of The Bachelor with Ben so I thought I would check in.  The entire show I was looking away from the TV as if I was invading private moments... which were just awkward.  It just makes me so uncomfortable I have to hide my eyes as if that is going to somehow comfort the people on TV that I'm really not watching!

So, I am skipping the rose ceremony and sitting down to write a bit about an article that did shed some light on more smiles and less tears. Now if I could only share this list with a few of the contestants sent home this evening I would.

One of my favorite magazines Real Simple had an entire addition geared toward being happier in 2011.  I reread it for the first 6 months of 2011.  Everything from the different ways to have a cup of hot chocolate (always makes me feel so good) to how to keep your loved ones smiling on the go. But here was the main list they recommended:

1.) Chill Out: Cold temperatures can lift your mood
2.) Remember whence you came: keep photos and memorabilia up around the house
3.) Don't dwell (for the bachelorettes): stop obsessing.. let go of past failures
4.) Spread the wealth: giving money away can make you happier than spending in on yourself
5.) Eat a snack around 2:00p: levels of serotonin drop around this part of the day
6.) Get a move on: exercise... Yoga or Pilates anyone ;-)
7.) Limit your options: whittle down your options in choices, pick one and move on
8.) Start Baking:  Or just find something that takes 100% of your attention while doing it
9.) Make your bed: Everyday tasks just make people happy...

pretty simple don't you think

If this list is inciting... or maybe your ready to make some changes in 2012 after crying over the latest reality show check out the article "9 Easy Ways To Be Happy".  It will help you smile all year long.

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